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Kerry and Russ's

Kerry and Russ's House in Houston 11-2001 at Shutterfly

Aidan's Birth

         Aidan Scott Thomas - at Yahoo Photos - Pictures from the Hospital

More Aidan - at Yahoo Photos 1-24-04

Aidan 3 - at Yahoo Photos 2-7-04 - Over a month old and he is getting bigger, losing his hair and starting to smile.

Aidan's Baptism

         Aidan Scott Thomas - at Shutterfly - Pictures from his baptism weekend.

Aidan's Growing Up So Fast...

         Aidan Scott Thomas - at Shutterfly - Pictures showing him over his first year

Trip to Turks and Caicos - August, 2001

Pictures on the Web at ShutterFly

Misc. Pictures

Dave's Prom - at Shutterfly - Pictures from his prom night with Alyssa

Bailey's Puppies- at Shutterfly

Glory's Puppies - at Shutterfly

Golf in Ireland at Old Head, Kinsale 9-2003 at ShutterFly

Royal Caribbean Cruise to New England 8-2003 at ShutterFly

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